Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Visits of International Scientists

Invited professors
  • Peter Wolenski, Luisiane State University (4 months, August to November 2011)

  • Roberto Ferretti, University of Rome 3 (1 week, August 2011)

  • Alejandro Jofre, University of Chile (2 weeks, July 2011)

  • Elina Mancinelli, University of Rosario (3 weeks, April 2011)

  • Antonio Siconolfi, University of Rome 1 - La Sapienza (2 weeks, May 2011)

  • Mohamed Mnif, ENIT Tunis (2 weeks, May 2011)

  • Pablo Lotito, University of Rosario (1 week, December 2011)

  • Soledad Aronna (from Feb 2011 until Dec 2011)

    • Subject: Optimal control of systems with singular arcs

    • Institution: CONICET (Argentina)

  • Imène Ben Latifa (from Feb 2011 until Apr 2011)

    • Subject: Optimal multiple stopping and valuation of swing options with jumps

    • Institution: Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (Tunisia)

  • Eduardo Philip (from Apr 2011 until Jul 2011)

    • Subject: Optimal control problems of BV trajectories and with state constraints

    • Institution: Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina)

Participation In International Programs

We are setting up a project with Alejandro Jofre (U. Chile, Santiago) in the framework of the CIRIC initiative, on the subject of smart grid optimization.