Section: Dissemination



  • Frédéric Bonnans: Cochair of the third year program in applied mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique, France.

    • Master Continuous Optimization, 18h, M2, Ecole Polytechnique and U. Paris 6, France.

    • Master Numerical analysis of partial differential equations arising in finance and stochastic control, 24h, M2, Ecole Polytechnique and U. Paris 6, France.

  • Hasnaa Zidani: in charge of the third year module "B7: Commande des Systèmes" (84h) at Ensta ParisTech, and of the following courses:

    • Master Numerical approximation for front propagation, 21h, M2, Ensta ParisTech, France (also at ECP, France, in collaboration with Ch. Chalons).

    • Master Optimal control of nonlinear systems, 21h, M2, Ensta ParisTech

    • License Quadratic Optimization, L1, 21h, Ensta ParisTech, France.

  • Pierre Martinon: Teaching Assistant

    • License Quadratic Optimization, L1, 12h, Ensta ParisTech, France.

    • License Matlab Introduction, L1, 16h, Ensta ParisTech, France.

    • License Numerical Analysis, L1, 16h, Ensae, France.

  • Zhiping Rao: teaching assistant

    • Licence Quadratic Optimisation, L1, 16h, ENSTA ParisTech, France.

    • Master Markov Chain process, M1, 16h, ENSTA ParisTech, France.

PhD & HdR theses

  • HdR : Nicolas FORCADEL, Contribution à l'analyse d'équations aux dérivées partielles avec applications à la dynamique des dislocations et au contrôle optimal. Université Paris-Dauphine, 05-12-2011.

  • PhD : Maria Soledad ARONNA, Second order analysis of optimal control problems with singular arcs. Optimality conditions and shooting algorithm. Ecole Polytechnique, 15-12-2011.

  • PhD : Zhihao CEN, LNG portfolio optimization; approach by stochastic programming techniques. Ecole Polytechnique, 22-11-2011.

  • PhD in progress : Imène Ben-Latifa, Optimal multiple stopping and valuation of swing options in jump models. Oct. 2010, F. Bonnans and M. Mnif (ENIT, Tunis).

  • PhD in progress : Xavier Dupuis, Optimal control of populations; medical applications. Sept. 2010, F. Bonnans.

  • PhD in progress : Giovanni Granato, Energy management for an electric vehicle with range extender. January 2010, F. Bonans and H. Zidani.

  • PhD in progress : Laurent Pfeiffer, Optimal control of large electrical networks. Sept. 2010, F. Bonnans.

  • PhD in progress: Zhiping Rao, Hamilton-Jacobi equations with discontinuous coefficients. Sept. 2010, H. Zidani and N. Forcadel.

  • PhD in progress: Athena Picarelli, First and Second Order Hamilton-Jacobi equations for State-Constrained Control Problems. Nov. 2011, O. Bokanowski and H. Zidani

  • PhD in progress: Cristopher Hermosilla, Feedback controls and optimal trajectories. Nov. 2011, H. Zidani.

  • PhD in progress: Mohamed Assellaou, Reachability analysis for stochastic controlled systems. Oct. 2011, O. Bokanowski and H.Zidani.