Section: Dissemination


C. Jard is a full-time professor at the ENS Cachan and teaches mainly at the Master level, in Computer Science and Telecom, and in Maths. He supervises the third year of the cursus (the research master's degree). He is also in charge of the competitive examination for the entry of new students in computer science in the French ENS schools. He teaches the following courses: L. Hélouët teaches algorithms (graphs, sorting algorithms, classical problems) to maths students preparing the aggregation at ENS Cachan, antenne de Bretagne. He is also involved in the INS project, which aim is to give the basic knowledge in computer science to teachers from other disciplines at the baccalaureat level. In this context, he supervises a development project by 5 teachers from Rennes academy. He is the co-supervisor (with C. Jard) of Rouwaida Abdallah's Thesis. Eric Fabre teaches Numerical optimization methods, and Distributed algorithms and systems in the Master of computer science (M2), University Rennes 1. He teaches also Information theory and coding at ENS Cachan, magister Math, Info., Telecom, 2nd year.

Guillaume Aucher teaches Algorithms for graphs (L3 MIAGE, 20h TD) and Imperative programming in Java (L1 Computer Science, 20hTD+20hTP), both at the Univ. of Rennes 1.

François Schwarzentruber is a lecturer at ENS Cachan - Britany extension. He teaches an introductory course about algorithms to first year students of ENS (L3) and a course about conception and verification of programs to second year students (M1). He is also involved in the preparation of the computer science option of the competitive examination `agregation de maths'.

PhD & HdR

  • PhD : Bartosz Grabiec, Supervision de systèmes répartis utilisant des dépliages avec contraintes de modèle temporisés, ENS Cachan, 4 Octobre 2011, C. Jard.

  • PhD in progress : Ajay Kattepur, QoS in Web services, september 2009, A. Benveniste, C. Jard.

  • PhD in progress : Rouwaida Adballah, Implémentation de scénarios, march 2010, L. Hélouët, C. Jard.

  • PhD in progress : Cyrille Jégourel, Statistical Model Checking, January 2011, Axel Legay.

  • PhD in progress : Valérie Murat, Tree automata, January 2011, Axel Legay.

  • PhD in progress : Loig Jézéquel, Distributed optimal planning methods, Oct. 2009, Eric Fabre.

  • PhD in progress : Carole Hounkonnou, A methodology for joint network and service self-diagnosis, Oct. 2009, Eric Fabre.

  • PhD in progress : Aurore Junier, Network calculus applied to network stability analysis, sept. 2010, C. Jard, A. Bouillard.

  • PhD in progress : Bastien Maubert, Logical foundations of games with imperfect information, sept. 2010, S. Pinchinat, G. Aucher.