Major publications by the team in recent years
  • 1E. Arnaud, E. Mémin.

    Partial linear Gaussian model for tracking in image sequences using sequential Monte Carlo methods, in: International Journal of Computer Vision, 2007, vol. 74, no 1, p. 75-102.
  • 2C. Braud, D. Heitz, P. Braud, G. Arroyo, J. Delville.

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  • 12J. Yuan, C. Schnoerr, E. Mémin.

    Discrete orthogonal decomposition and variational fluid flow estimation, in: Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 2007, vol. 28, no 1, p. 67–80.

Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

  • 13C. Avenel.

    Suivi de courbes libres fermées déformables par processus stochastiques, Université de Rennes I, France, December 2011.
  • 14T. Corpetti.

    Images & télédétection : analyse de séquences à basse et très haute résolution spatiale, Université Rennes 1, June 2011, Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches.


Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journal

Invited Conferences

  • 20R. Tatsambon Fomena, C. Collewet, E. Mémin.

    A New approach for Fluid Flows control, in: Symposium on Advances in Control of Fluid Dynamics and Challenges facing the US Defense Department's thrust on Unmanned Autonomous Systems for the SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications, Baltimore, USA, July 2011.

International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 21I. Barbu, C. Herzet, E. Mémin.

    Sparse models and pursuit algorithms for PIV Tomography, in: Forum on recent developments in Volume Reconstruction techniques applied to 3D fluid and solid mechanics, Poitiers, France, November 2011.

  • 22B. Combès, A. Guibert, E. Mémin, D. Heitz.

    Free-surface flows from Kinect: feasability and limits, in: FVR2011, Poitiers, France, December 2011, to appear.

  • 23T. Corpetti, E. Mémin.

    Stochastic models for local optical flow estimation, in: Scale Space Methods and Variational Methods (SSVM) in Computer Vision, Israel, June 2011.
  • 24A. Drémeau, C. Herzet, L. Daudet.

    Soft Bayesian pursuit algorithm for sparse representations, in: IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, France, June 2011.

  • 25P. Dérian, P. Héas, C. Herzet, E. Mémin.

    Wavelet-based fluid motion estimation., in: Scale Space Methods and Variational Methods (SSVM) in Computer Vision, Israel, June 2011.

  • 26P. Dérian, P. Héas, C. Herzet, E. Mémin.

    Wavelets to reconstruct turbulence multifractals from experimental image sequences, in: 7th Int. Symp. on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, TSFP-7, Ottawa, Canada, July 2011.

  • 27S. Gorthi, S. Beyou, T. Corpetti, E. Mémin.

    Multiscale Weighted Ensemble Kalman Filter for Fluid Flow Estimation, in: Scale Space Methods and Variational Methods (SSVM) in Computer Vision, 2011.
  • 28S. Gorthi, S. Beyou, E. Mémin.

    Analysis of SST Images by Weighted Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter, in: IEEE Int. Geoscience and Remote sensing symposium (IGARSS'11), 2011.
  • 29A. Gronskis, D. Heitz, E. Mémin.

    Inflow and initial conditions for direct numerical simulation based on adjoint data assimilation, in: 7th Int. Symp. on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, TSFP-7, Ottawa, Canada, July 2011.

  • 30P. Héas, C. Herzet, E. Mémin.

    Robust optic-flow estimation with Bayesian inference of model and hyper-parameters, in: Scale Space Methods and Variational Methods (SSVM) in Computer Vision, Israel, June 2011.

  • 31T. Li, A. Krupa, C. Collewet.

    A robust parametric active contour based on Fourier descriptors, in: IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing, ICIP'11, Brussels, Belgium, September 2011.
  • 32R. Tatsambon Fomena, C. Collewet.

    Fluid Flows Control using Visual Servoing, in: 18th IFAC World Congress, Milan, Italy, September 2011, p. 3142–3147.

  • 33R. Tatsambon Fomena, C. Collewet.

    Vision-based Control of 2D Plane Poiseuille Flow, in: 7th Int. Symp. on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, TSFP-7, Ottawa, Canada, July 2011.


National Conferences with Proceeding

Conferences without Proceedings

  • 40A. Cuzol, E. Mémin.

    Image assimilation with the weighted ensemble Kalman filter, in: 9th International Workshop on Adjoint Model Applications in Dynamic Meteorology, Cefalu, Sicily, Italy, October 2011.

Other Publications

References in notes
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