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Section: Members

Research Scientists

Etienne Mémin [Team Leader, Senior Researcher INRIA, HdR]

Thomas Corpetti [Junior Researcher CNRS at LIAMA Beijing since 15/09/09, external collaborator]

Christophe Collewet [Junior Researcher IRSTEA, HdR]

Patrick Héas [Junior Researcher INRIA]

Dominique Heitz [Junior Researcher IRSTEA]

Cédric Herzet [Junior Researcher INRIA, since 01/10/10]

Faculty Member

Anne Cuzol [Associate Professor UBS délégation INRIA]

PhD Students

Christophe Avenel [ENS grant, since 01/10/07]

Ioana Barbu [DGA-INRIA grant, since 01/11/10]

Sébastien Béyou [INRIA grant, since 01/11/09]

Xuan Quy Dao [INRIA grant, since 01/10/10]

Pierre Dérian [INRIA grant, since 01/10/09]

Cordelia Robinson [IRSTEA grant, since 01/11/11]

Véronique Souchaud [ARED grant Britany region, since 09/11/09]

Yin Yang [Université Rennes I grant, since 01/11/11]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Benoît Combes [IRSTEA post-doc, since 01/01/2011]

Sai Gorthi [INRIA-Microsoft post-doc, leave 01/03/2011]

Souleymane Kadri Harouna [INRIA post-doc, since 01/10/10]

Administrative Assistant

Huguette Béchu [TR Inria, shared with Temics and Serpico project-teams]