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Section: Software

DenseMotion software - Estimation of 2D dense motion fields

Participants : Thomas Corpetti, Patrick Héas, Etienne Mémin.

This code allows the computation from two consecutive images of a dense motion field. The estimator is expressed as a global energy function minimization. The code enables the choice of different data model and different regularization functional depending on the targeted application. Generic motion estimator for video sequences or dedicated motion estimator for fluid flows can be specified. This estimator allows in addition the users to specify additional correlation based matching measurements. It enables also the inclusion of a temporal smoothing prior relying on a velocity vorticity formulation of the Navier-Stoke equation for Fluid motion analysis applications. The different variants of this code correspond to research studies that have been published in IEEE transaction on Pattern Analysis and machine Intelligence, Experiments in Fluids, IEEE transaction on Image Processing, IEEE transaction on Geo-Science end Remote Sensing. The binary of this code can be freely downloaded on the fluid web site http://fluid.irisa.fr .