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Low-Order-Motion - Estimation of low order representation of fluid motion

Participants : Anne Cuzol, Etienne Mémin.

This code enables the estimation of a low order representation of a fluid motion field from two consecutive images.The fluid motion representation is obtained using a discretization of the vorticity and divergence maps through regularized Dirac measure. The irrotational and solenoidal components of the motion fields are expressed as linear combinations of basis functions obtained through the Biot-Savart law. The coefficient values and the basis function parameters are obtained as the minimizer of a functional relying on an intensity variation model obtained from an integrated version of the mass conservation principle of fluid mechanics. Different versions of this estimation are available. The code which includes a Matlab user interface can be downloaded on the fluid web site http://fluid.irisa.fr . This program corresponds to a research study that has been published in the International Journal on computer Vision.