Section: New Results

International Initiatives

INRIA Associate Teams

  • Title: Analysis and control of fluid flows from image sequences

  • INRIA principal investigator: Etienne Memin

  • International Partner:

    • Institution: Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

    • Laboratory: Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

  • International Partner:

  • Institution: IRSTEA (France)

  • Duration: 2010 - 2012

  • See also: http://huracan.inria.fr

  • The HURACAN associated team is centered on the analysis and the control of fluid flows from image sequences. The research objectives of this team are organized into two distinct work axes. The first one aims at defining and studying visual servoing techniques for fluid flows control. In addition to the definition of efficient visual servoing schemes this axis of work gathers research issues related to fluid flows velocity measurement from images and to flows excitation through plasma actuators. The second research axis focuses on the coupling between large scales representations of geo-physical flows and image data. More precisely, it aims at studying means to define directly from the image sequences the small scales terms of the dynamics. This research axis includes the study of coupling models and data defined at different scales, problems of multiscale velocities estimation respecting turbulence phenomenological laws and issues of experimental validation.