Section: Dissemination

Participation in seminars, invitations, awards

  • A. Cuzol gave an invited talk on "Conditional simulation within a non linear stochastic filtering framework" at the Statistics seminar, LJK, Grenoble.

  • E. Mémin gave an invited talk at the LIMSI/CNRS on "Fluid flow analysis from images"

  • R. Tatsambon Fomena was invited to the Symposium on "Advances in Control of Fluid Dynamics and Challenges facing the US Defense Department's thrust on Unmanned Autonomous Systems" for the SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications.

  • The paper " Low-complexity MAP Hypothesis Testing by Bethe Free Energy Minimization" cosigned by C. Herzet, K. Woradit, H. Wymeersch and L. Vandendorpe, published in IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, 2010 [8] has received the best paper award from the Newcom++ European Network of Excellence in December 2011.