Section: Software


ScalFMM (Parallel Fast Multipole Library for Large Scale Simulations) is a software library to simulate N-body interactions using the Fast Multipole Method. ScalFMM is based on the FMB prototype developed by Pierre Fortin during his PhD thesis.

In the framework of the INRIA technologic development actions; 24 man-month engineer (Bérenger Bramas) have been allocated to this software activity started in January 2011.

ScalFMM intends to offer all the functionalities needed to perform large parallel simulations while enabling an easy customization of the simulation components: kernels, particles and cells. It works in parallel in a shared/distributed memory model using OpenMP and MPI. The software architecture has been designed with two major objectives: being easy to maintain and easy to understand. The code is extremely documented and the naming convention fully respected. Driven by its user-oriented philosophy, ScalFMM is using CMAKE as a compiler/installer tool. Even if ScalFMM is written in C++ it will support a C and fortran API soon.

The ScalFMM package is very much a first outcome of the research activity described in Section  3.4 .