Section: Software

Other software

These software packages are or will be developed in collaboration with some academic partners (LIP6, LaBRI, CPMOH, IPREM, EPFL) or in collaboration with industrial partners (CEA, TOTAL, EDF) in the context of their private R&D or production activities.

  • For the materials physics applications, a lot of development will be done in the context of ANR projects (NOSSI and proposal OPTIDIS, see Section 4.2 ) in collaboration with LaBRI, CPMOH, IPREM, EPFL and with CEA Saclay and Bruyère-le-Châtel.

  • In the context of the PhD thesis of Mathieu Chanaud (collaboration with CEA/CESTA), we have developed a new parallel plateform based on a combination of a geometric full multigrid solver and a direct solver (the PaStiX solver developped in the previous ScAlApplix project-team) to solve huge linear systems arising from Maxwell equations discretized with first-order Nédelec elements (see Section 3.3 ).

  • Finally, we contribute to software developments for seismic analysis and imaging and for wave propagation in collaboration with TOTAL (use of GPU technology with CUDA).