Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

The goal of the MADYNES research group is to design, to validate and to deploy novel management and security paradigms together with supporting software architectures and solutions that are able to cope with the growing dynamicity and the scalability issues induced by the ubiquitous Internet.

The project develops applied research activities in the following areas :

  • Autonomous Management:

    • the design of models and methods enabling self organization and self-management of networked entities and services,

    • the evaluation of management architectures based on peer-to-peer and overlay principles,

    • the investigation of novel approaches to the representation of management information,

    • the modeling and performance evaluation of management infrastructures and activities.

  • Functional Areas instanciate autonomous management functions :

    • the security plane where we focus on buidling closed-loop approaches to protect networking assets,

    • the service configuration where we aim at providing solutions covering the delivery chain from discovery to delivery in dynamic networks,

    • monitoring where we aim at building solutions to characterize and detect unwanted service behaviour.

The next generation Internet is the main application field of our research. Its architecture and the services that it is planned to support offer all dynamic and scalability features that we address in the complementary research directions of the project.