Section: Software

YAGA: Yeast Genome Annotation

Participants : Pascal Durrens, Tiphaine Martin [correspondant] .

With the arrival of new generations of sequencers, laboratories, at a lower cost, can be sequenced groups of genomes. You can no longer manually annotate these genomes. The YAGA software's objective is to syntactically annotate a raw sequence (genetic element: gene, CDS, tRNA, centromere, gap, ...) and functionally as well as generate EMBL files for publication. The annotation takes into account data from comparative genomics, such as protein family profiles.

After determining the constraints of the annotation, the YAGA software can automatically annotate de novo all genomes from their raw sequences.The predictors used by the YAGA software can also take into account the data RNAseq to reinforce the prediction of genes.The current settings of the software are intended for annotation of the genomes of yeast, but the software is adaptable for all types of species.