Section: Overall Objectives


With clinical and academic partners Magnome participated in the development of a new rapid diagnostic test for yeast pathogens in the Nakaseomycetes class, based on a comparative annotation of six genomes[13] .

These de novo 6 genomes – 5 genomes in the class Nakaseomycetes, 1 strain of genome of S.cerevisiae – were automatically annotate from their raw sequences using our YAGA software.

Through a long-standing collaboration between the LaBRI and Prof. Aline Lonvaud at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of Bordeaux, and under the auspices of the ANR DIVOENI contract (2008-2012), we successfully completed the first comparative exploration of Oenococcus oeni pan-transcriptom code. The guidelines delivered partially lift the veil on how the genome of this lactic acid bacterium involved in wine fermentation globally adapts to its environment at a functional and an organisational level[16] .

We released the first whole-genome metabolic model of the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica, developed using our Pathtastic software and curated in collaboration with colleages from the INRA Grignon (model in MODEL1111190000 in Biomodels.net ).

The complete implementation of the BioRica modeling framework was deposited with the APP and has been released [biorica ]. BioRica was developed as an Inria Technology Development Action.