Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Aquitaine Region “SAGÉSS” comparative genomics for wine starters

Participants : David James Sherman [correspondant] , Pascal Durrens, Elisabeth Bon, Tiphaine Martin, Nicolás Loira.

This project is a collaboration between the company SARCO, specialized in the selection of industrial yeasts with distinct technological abilities, with the ISVV and Magnome . The goal is to use genome analysis to identify molecular markers responsible for different physiological capabilities, as a tool for selecting yeasts and bacteria for wine fermentation through efficient hybridization and selection strategies. This collaboration has obtained the INNOVIN label.

Aquitaine Region “Oenophages: comparative genomics for oenococcus bacteriophages” (2011-2014)

Participants : David James Sherman [correspondant] , Elisabeth Bon.