Section: Application Domains


Tumor growth in mice

Through a collaboration with University of Lyon and Lyon-Sud Hospital, we setup several mechanistic models to predict the evolution of tumor growth in mice including the complex biological process of angiogenesis. This work was presented at the eighteen PAGE (population approach group in Europe) meeting in Saint-Petersburg in June.

Figure 6. Modeling tumor growth in mice


Within the framework of the project ETOILE, B. Bernard is part of the team that is building a predictive model of tumor responses to the conventional treatment and irradiation with carbon ions. During 2009, Branka has been working under supervision of Jean-Pierre Boissel and Benjamin Ribba. In collaboration with the group of Claire Rodriguez-Lafrasse (Radiobiology group, Hospital Lyon Sud), her research activities included the analysis of microarray data from different head and neck cancer cell lines, irradiated with X-ray and carbon ions. They detected differences in the irradiation response of different cancer cell lines that underlie their different radiosensitivities. Within GRAAL project, a lot of radiobiological information will be acquired on a several glioma cell lines and cell lines representing healthy brain tissue. Therefore, our interest is to model the dynamics of the glioma tumor growth and its response to radiation therapy. At the moment, we are working on the estimation of parameters describing tumor growth and diffusion from the MRI images of glioblastoma patients (collaboration with Francois Ducray).