Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

The purpose of Numed is to develop new numerical methods and tools to simulate and parametrize complex systems arising in biology and medecine. Numed focuses on two axes:

  • numerical methods for complex systems with several time and spatial scales. In particular: numerical simulations in complex domains, stiff reaction diffusions equations, multifluids systems, cell migration models, cell compressibility models, complex cancer models analysis.

  • parametrization of complex systems using nonlinear mixed effect methods and populationnal pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamics models, with applications in oncology and virology.

Numed investigates two main applications

  • Stroke: models of brain stroke (ionic exchanges, inflammation, free radicals, ...)

  • Cancer: local invasion, angiogenesis, parametrization, glioma modeling.

and a few other subjects (models of prion, motion of cells, vaccine,...).