Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

INRIA International Partners

  • Montreal University, Centre de Recherches Mathématiques CRM, Canada.

  • Shape and geometries (M. Delfour and J.-P. Zolésio).

Visits of International Scientists

  • Jihed Joobeur (from Mar 2011 until Aug 2011)

    • Subject: Crowd data collection from video recordings

    • Institution: Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT) (Tunisia)

Participation In International Programs

  • Euromed 3+3 Project SCOmu 2009-2011 :

    Opale is the French coordinator for the project "Scientific Computing and Multidisciplinary Optimization" (SCOMU), a Euro-Mediterranean Euromed 3+3 program. The project SCOMU involves institutions from France (INRIA, Opale Project, Nice Sophia Antipolis University), Italy (University of Genova), Spain (University of Corogna), Tunisia (ENIT, Tunis) and Morocco (Ecole Mohammedia, University Mohamed V, Rabat). The project is a three-year financed action. The SCOmu project has successfully allowed researchers from the Maghreb and Euro-Mediterranean regions to exchange their modeling and analysis skills in the fields of numerical analysis, optimization and game theory. The partner teams developed applications of game theory in new areas which have strategic interests such as imaging, mathematical finance, structural mechanics and mathematics for life sciences.

  • LIRIMA Team ANO 2010-2013 :

    The agreement governing the creation of the International Laboratory for Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (LIRIMA) was signed on 24th November 2009 in Yaoundé. LIRIMA enables cooperation between INRIA research teams and teams in Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb) to be reinforced. It is the continuation of the major operation undertaken by the SARIMA program (2004-08 – Priority Solidarity Fund created by the French Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs). The LIRIMA team ANO : Numerical analysis of PDEs and Optimization is a partnership between Opale project and the EMI engineering college, Rabat / National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST) Morocco. The Team leader is Prof. Rajae Aboulaïch, EMI.