Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

INRIA Action d'Envergure Synchronics

Participants : Albert Cohen, Marc Pouzet [contact] , Louis Mandel.

This project is funded by INRIA for 4 years and started in Jan. 2008. The coordinators are A. Girault (INRIA Rhône Alpes) and M. Pouzet. http://synchronics.inria.fr/

The goal of the project is to propose new languages for the development of embedded systems allowing from a unique source to both simulate the system with its environment and generate code. It capitalizes on recent extensions of data-flow synchronous languages (Lucid Synchrone, ReactiveML), a relaxed form of synchrony, and means to mix discrete and continous systems inside the synchronous model of time.

The project focuses on language extensions to increase modularity, dedicated type systems to ensure safety properties, efficient compilation and the mix of discrete and continuous time.

Partners: INRIA Rhône Alpes (Gwenaël Delaval, Alain Girault, Bertrand Jeannet), IRISA (Benoit Caillaud), VERIMAG (Erwan Jahier, Pascal Raymond), INRIA Rocquencourt (Albert Cohen, Marc Pouzet, Louis Mandel)


Participants : Mehdi Dogguy, Louis Mandel [contact] , Cédric Pasteur, Marc Pouzet.

This project is funded by ANR (program DEFIS). http://www-sop.inria.fr/mimosa/PARTOUT

It started on january 2009 for 4 years; the coordinator is Frédéric Boussinot from INRIA Indes.

Partners: INRIA Indes, CNAM, LRI.

The goal of the project PARTOUT is, from a programming language point of view, to study the impact on programming of the globalization of parallelism which now covers all the spectrum of informatics, ranging from multicore architectures and distributed systems, up to applications deployed on the Web.

Mediacom Project

Participants : Albert Cohen [contact] , Ramakrishna Upadrasta.

Partners: INRIA CompSys, ALF, Arenaire.

Mediacom is one of the projects of the Nano2012 collaboration framework between STMicroelectronics and INRIA, 09/2009–12/2012. Mediacom is a collaboration between the compilation group of STMicroelectronics HED, led by Christian Bertin, and the INRIA CompSys, ARENAIRE, ALF and PARKAS (formerly ALCHEMY) groups. We are working on portable concurrent intermediate languages, inspired by data-flow synchronous languages and polyhedral compilation, and on just-in-time parallelization algorithms.