Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Collective responsibilities

Pierre-Louis Curien was deputy director of the Foundation “Sciences Mathématiques de Paris” until September 2011.

Hugo Herbelin coordinated the ADT Coq and the development of Coq.

Editorial activities

Pierre-Louis Curien is co-editor in chief of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, and is an editor of Theoretical Computer Science and of Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation.

Pierre-Louis Curien is guest editor for a special issue of Logical Methods in Computer Science in connection with the conference TLCA 2009 (about 9/10 of the issue is already published online).

Program committees and organising committees

Yann Régis-Gianas served on the program committee for the conference “Journees Francophones des Langages Applicatifs”.

Yann Régis-Gianas organized a joint workshop regrouping members of the CerCo european project and the Eternal ARC.

Matthieu Sozeau organised a Coq workshop on type-classes and reification in February in Paris, with around 20 attendees. This was funded by the ADT Coq. He was on the organising committee of DTP'11, a satellite workshop of ITP'11 in Nijmegen.

Pierre-Louis Curien coorganised with Paul-André Melliiès the anniversary workshop GGJJ2011, in honour of Gérard Berry and Jean-Jacques Lévy, Gérardmer, February 2011.

Hugo Herbelin was in the Program Committee of the conference TLCA 2011 and of the workshop Coq 2011. He will be in the Program Committee of ITP 2012 and MFPS 2012.

Hugo Herbelin, Alexis Saurin, and Noam Zeilberger organized a satellite workshop of RDP 2011 on “Theory and Practice of Delimited Control” (May).

Hugo Herbelin is organizing the “Automation in Proof Assistant” satellite workshop of ETAPS 2012 which will be partly shared with the organization of the first COST 0901 meeting of year 2012.

Alexis Saurin was in the Program Committee of ICFP 2011 and he organized, together with Marine Meyer, the PC meeting which took place in INRIA offices, gathering the PC members (about 20 PC members) for 3 days in may 2011.

Alexis Saurin was in the Program Committee of the workshop GaLoP 2011.

Alexis Saurin is in the scientific committee of the Logic and Interaction weeks 2011, more specifically in charge of the week on proofs and programs.


In June and July 2011, Alexis Saurin has been member of the Jury for entrance exams at Ens Paris and examined the candidates for the three ENS for the “Informatique Fondamentale” Oral exam.

Ph.D. and habilitation juries

Hugo Herbelin (reviewer) and Matthieu Sozeau (member) participated to the PhD committee of François Garillot (École Polytechnique) on December 5th. Hugo Herbelin participated to the PhD committee of Barbara Petit (ENS Lyon) on July 13th.

Invited talks

Matthieu Sozeau was invited to the DTP seminar at the Shonan Village Center in Japan, September 2011, and gave a talk on dependent pattern-matching compilation.

Alexis Saurin has been invited to give a talk at a special session on Structural Proof Theory and Computing as part of the 2012 ASL (Association of Symbolic Logic) Annual meeting which will take place in Madison, Wisconsin from March 31-to April 3, 2012.

Presentation of papers

Matthias Puech will present his paper [15] at the TLDI 2012 workshop.

Alexis Saurin gave a communication at TLCA 2011 on his work with Zena Ariola and Hugo Herbelin [12]

Other presentations

Sozeau and Letouzey presented the developers talk at the Coq'3 workshop in Nijmegen,

Pierre Boutillier, Hugo Herbelin and Noam Zeilberger gave each one a talk at the TPDC workshop in Novi Sad (June).

Arnaud Spiwack and Hugo Herbelin gave a talk at the TYPES conference in Bergen (September).

Matthieu Sozeau and Pierre Letouzey gave a presentation at the Coq workshop 2011 at Nijmegen (August).

Letouzey gave two of the lessons in the one-week CEA-INRIA-EDF School about Coq (November, Paris).

Guillaume Munch-Maccagnoni gave a talk at the Linear Logic workshop (November, Kyoto).

Noam Zeilberger gave a talk at the European Workshop on Computational Effects in Ljubljana, Slovenia (March).

Attendance to conferences, workshops, schools,...

Oregon Programming Languages Summer School (Puech, Sozeau). Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs, February, La Bresse (Boutillier).

Final meeting of the ANR project CHOCO (Curry-Howard for concurrency) at Lyon (Munch-Maccagnoni), April.

Hugo Herbelin gave a talk at the FATPA 2011 workshop at Belgrade (February).

Pierre Boutillier and Hugo Herbelin attended TLCA 2011 in Novi Sad.

Hugo Herbelin and Matthieu Sozeau attended ITP 2011 at Nijmegen (August).

Hugo Herbelin attended the Coq workshop 2011 at Nijmegen (August).

Arnaud Spiwack attended CSL 2011.

Matthieu Sozeau and Arnaud Spiwack attended the MAP 2011 conference in Leiden (November).

DTP meeting in Shonan, Japan (Sozeau).

ICFP 2011 in Tokyo (Sozeau).

Hugo Herbelin attended the COST 0901 meeting in Torino.

Noam Zeilberger attended the 13th Agda Implementors' Meeting (AIM XIII) at Chalmers University (Göteborg, Sweden, April).

Talks in seminars

Munch-Maccagnoni: "Semantics Lunch", Cambridge Computer Lab (June); Séminaire Théorie des Types et Réalisabilité (PPS, Paris).

Sozeau: Chalmers Programming Languages seminar (Gothenburg, January). IMDEA Seminar (Madrid, October), University of Kent programming languages and systems seminar (Canterbury, November).

Letouzey: talk in a local seminar at University of Nijmegen (April).

Herbelin: talk at the Geocal-Lac meeting of the GDR IM at École Polytechnique (November). Curien and Spiwack attended the meeting.

Herbelin and Sozeau: talks at the Journées PPS, September 2011 (Boutillier, Curien, Glondu, Munch-Maccagnoni, Zeilberger attended the Journées).

Zeilberger: invited speaker at the Paris 7 PhilMaths seminar session on “Proof-theoretic semantics and the justification of logical laws” (March).

Pierre-Louis Curien organised, jointly with Jean-Pierre Jouannaud and Lihong Zhi, a seminar on Rewriting and Algebra at the university of Tsignhua during his three-months visit in China (March-May): he gave two talks, one on Gröbner bases and Rewriting, and another one on Janet bases.

Groupe de travail Théorie des types et réalisabilité

This is one of the working groups of PPS, jointly organised by Hugo Herbelin and Paul-André Melliès, since September 2009. It is held weekly at the Antenne INRIA.

Other dissemination activities

Yann Régis-Gianas organised the "Fête de la Science" event for the computer science department of the Paris Diderot university, with some financial support of INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt communication services. Nicolas Ayache and Guillaume Munch-Maccagnoni also took part in the animation.

Yann Régis-Gianas co-organised the “Journée Francilienne de Programmation”, a programming contest between undergraduate students of three universities of Paris (UPD, UPMC, UPS).

Yann Régis-Gianas gave several conferences about computer science in the high-schools Camille Sée (Paris) and Albert Einstein (Sainte Genevieve des Bois). He also trained four high-school students to be able to explain the first principles of programming to the other students of the high-school.

Yann Régis-Gianas gave short presentations to high-school teachers in order to present the programming part of the new high-school teaching module “Informatique et Science du Numérique” (ISN)

Pierre Letouzey participates in a training period of high-school teachers for the computer science courses that will be introduced next year in the last grade of French high-schools (ISN).