Section: Dissemination


  • Licence: E. Chapoulie teaches Analogical electronics 32h, UNSA EPU (L1). P-Y. Laffont teaches Object Oriented Programming 2 (L3), UNSA EPU (64h).

  • Masters: G. Drettakis organizes and teaches Computer Graphics at the ECP (Paris) (9h), A. Bousseau teaches 3h at the same course. G. Drettakis organizes and teaches the M1 Module in Computer Graphics in the PENSUNS Masters (6h), A. Bousseau teaches 6h in the course. G. Drettakis teaches 6h in the MAPI M1 Module (Jeux Video), A. Bousseau teaches 3h in this program.

  • Ph.D.s in progress:

  • Emmanuelle Chapoulie is continuing her Ph.D. on "Lighting Algorithms and Virtual Reality" (Supervisor: G.Drettakis, started Oct.2010).

  • Gaurav Chaurasia is continuing his Ph.D. on "Texture Synthesis Rendering" (Supervisor: G.Drettakis, started Sept. 2010)

  • Sylvain Duchene started in Nov. his Ph.D on "Lightweight Capture, Display and Manipulation of Urban Environments" (Supervisor: G.Drettakis),

  • Pierre-Yves Laffont is continuing his Ph.D. on Image- and Video-Based Relighting for Virtual Environments (Supervisor: G.Drettakis (co-supervisor A. Bousseau), started Oct.2009).