SECSI is a project common to INRIA and the Laboratoire Spécification et Vérification (LSV), itself a common lab between CNRS (UMR 8643) and the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Cachan. The team was created in 2001, and became an INRIA projet in December, 2002.

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Stéphanie Delaune [Junior Researcher, HdR]

Steve Kremer [Junior Researcher, Until August 2011, HdR]

Graham Steel [Junior Researcher, HdR]

Rohit Chadha [Temporary Researcher]

Faculty Members

Hubert Comon-Lundh [Professor, ENS Cachan, HdR]

Jean Goubault-Larrecq [Team Leader, Professor, ENS Cachan, HdR]

Technical Staff

Romain Bardou [ITI engineer, Since September 2011]

Baptiste Gourdin [engineer “jeune diplomé”, INRIA ADT Phalaenopsis, Until November 2011]

Nasr-Eddine Yousfi [ITI engineer, Since December 2011]

PhD Students

Mathilde Arnaud [ANR grant AVOTÉ, Started Oct. 2008]

Hedi Benzina [Digiteo grant, Started Nov. 2009]

Vincent Cheval [ENS Cachan student, Started Oct. 2009]

Ştefan Ciobâcă [ANR grant AVOTÉ, Started Oct. 2008]

Guillaume Scerri [ERC grant ProSecure (holder: Véronique Cortier, CASSIS), Started October 2011]

Robert Künnemann [INRIA grant]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Assalé Adjé [ANR grant CPP, Started May 2011]

Gergei Bana [Until February 2011]

Céline Chevalier [ATER, until Sept. 2010]

Malika Izabachène [ATER, since Oct. 2011]

Yusuke Kawamoto [INRIA grant]

Joe-Kai Tsay [Until September 2011; paid by INRIA until March 2011, by CNRS from April to September 2011]

Visiting Scientist

Morten Dahl [4 months]

Administrative Assistants

Isabelle Biercewicz [Until September 2011]

Valérie Hoareau [Since November 2011]