Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Contracts and Grants with Industry

Addressing Business

Participants : Sertan Girgin, Philippe Preux.

Addressing Business develops a software to help their clients (companies) find new clients. Currently, this software is an information system, that helps the human decision maker.

The goal of this contract was to realize a first exploratory step towards using data mining techniques to handle, and possibly improve, this process. Confidentiality issues restrict the communication on this contract [60] . However, this study has been very successful, and we look forward further collaboration with this company on this topic.

Orange Labs

Participants : Jérémie Mary, Olivier Nicol, Philippe Preux, Christophe Salperwyck.

There has been various activities between SequeL and Orange Labs.

First, the collaboration around the PhD of Christophe Salperwyck has continued. Second, a CRE has been signed in 2011 to continue our work on web advertising, and more generally, collaborative filtering. On this topic, Sami Naamane has been hired in Fall 2011 as PhD student.


Participant : Jérémie Mary.

We worked on the next steps of the optimisation of thermal control of building with Effigenie. We presented a common project June and this start up won in summer the OSEO innovation prize (and the LMI one).

Squoring Technology

Participants : Boris Baldassari, Philippe Preux.

Boris Baldassari has been hired by Squoring Technology (Toulouse) as a PhD student in May 2011. He works on the use of machine learning to improve the quality of the software development process.

Through the pôle de compétitivité “Industries du commerce”

Participants : Sertan Girgin, Philippe Preux.

2011 is the last year of the “Ubiquitous Virtual Seller” project of the “Pôle de compétitivité Industries du Commerce” (PICOM). We have completed our contribution related to recommendation systems [59] . This work was done mostly in collaboration with Becquet and Oxylane.


Participants : Pierre Chainais, Emmanuel Duflos.

In collaboration with Emmanuel Duflos, Pierre Chainais has been involved in the supervising of a Master 2 student within a collaboration with the company Qualisteo on the pattern recognition in electric power consumption signals. A PhD grant is under study. The purpose is to learn how to identify the origin of the electric consumption of a house from the power consumption alone. This problem combines signal processing as well as machine learning questions. This project is still under discussion.