Section: Software

Computer Games

Participant : Rémi Coulom.

We developed three main softwares for computer games:

  • Crazy Stone is a top-level Go-playing program that has been developed by Rémi Coulom since 2005. Crazy Stone won several major international Go tournaments in the past. In 2011, its strength improved to 5 dan on the KGS Go Server. It is distributed as a commercial product by Unbalance Corporation (Japan). 5-month work in 2011. URL: http://remi.coulom.free.fr/CrazyStone/

  • Crazy Hanafuda is a new program to play the Japanese game of Hanafuda. 3 weeks of work in 2011. Discussion are in progress for licensing it.

  • CLOP is a tool for automatic parameter optimization of game-playing programs. Distributed as freeware (GPL). One month of work in 2011. Available at: http://remi.coulom.free.fr/CLOP/