Section: Software


Participants : Alexandre Abadie, Olivier Commowick, Guillaume Renard.

QtShanoir is a C++ Qt based library for querying data from a Shanoir server. For those who don't know what is shanoir, see the shanoir website at http://shanoir.org . QtShanoir uses the soap based webservices provided by a shanoir server to get and display studies, patients, data with their associated metadata. In QtShanoir, you will find a set of Qt widgets (inherited from a QWidget object) that you can embed in your Qt application.

An APP registration is in progress and the library has been release in october under the LGPL license. See http://qtshanoir.gforge.inria.fr .

  • Keywords : medical imaging, dicom

  • Software benefit: offers a great solution to query a Shanoir server. Can be easily re used in larger Qt applications

  • License: no defined licence for the moment

  • Type of human computer interaction: C++ library

  • OS/Middelware: Linux, Windows and Mac

  • Required library or software : Qt

  • Programming language: C++

  • Documentation : http://qtshanoir.gforge.inria.fr/html