Section: Dissemination

ENS/INRIA Visual Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School 2011


I. Laptev, J. Ponce and J. Sivic (together with C. Schmid (INRIA Grenoble)) co-organized a one week summer school on Visual Recognition and Machine Learning. The summer school, hosted by ENS Ulm, attracted 175 participants from 28 countries (31% France / 48% Europe / 21% other countries (including USA, India, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Japan and China)), and included Master students, PhD students as well as Post-docs and researchers. The summer school provided an overview of the state of the art in visual recognition and machine learning. Lectures were given by 12 speakers (4 USA, 1 UK, 1 Austria, 1 France, 5 INRIA / ENS), which included top international experts in the area of visual recognition (J. Malik, UC Berkeley, USA; M. Hebert and A. Efros, CMU, USA; A. Zisserman, Oxford, UK / WILLOW; L. Bottou, Microsoft, USA). Lectures were complemented by practical sessions to provide participants with hands-on experience with the discussed material. In addition, a poster session was organized for participants to present their current research.

The third summer school in this series is currently in preparation for 2012 to be hosted by INRIA Grenoble.