Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

L. Baratchart, S. Chevillard and J. Leblond gave communications at the Workshop on Inverse Magnetization Problems, Nashville, USA (Apr.).

L. Baratchart and J. Leblond gave communications at PICOF, Conference Problèmes Inverses, Contrôle et Optimisation de Formes, Palaiseau, France (Apr.).

L. Baratchart gave invited talks at the Workshop on Potential Theory and Applications, Szeged, Hungary (June), and at SIGMA 2012, CIRM-Luminy (Nov). He gave a talk at the Conférence en l'honneur de Gauthier Sallet, Saint Louis du Sénégal (Dec.). He was a colloquim speaker at the State University of New York, Albany, USA (October) and at the University of Oregon, USA (Oct.).

S. Chevillard gave a talk at the ERNSI 2012 conference in Maastricht (Netherlands). He reviewed an article for the Journal of Symbolic Computation.

J. Leblond was invited to give a talk at the following conferences: Conference Control & Inverse Problems for PDE (CIPPDE), Santiago, Chili (Jan.), Workshop Control of Fluid-Structure Systems & Inverse Problems, Toulouse, France (Jun.), International Conference on Constructive Complex Approximation, Lille, France (Jun.), Joint Congress of the French & Vietnamese Math. Soc. (VMS-SMF), Hué, Vietnam (Aug.), Congress on Numerical MEthods & MOdelisation (MEMO), Tunis, Tunisie (Dec.). She also gave communications at the seminars of the School of Mathematics, Univ. Leeds, U.K. (Feb.), of the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (IMB, Univ. Bordeaux, Mar.), of the Department of Math. & Geosciences, Univ. Trieste, Italy (Oct.), and at the 2nd Nice Physical Day (“Journées de la Physique de Nice”), Nice (Dec.).

M. Olivi was co-organizer (with B. Hanzon and R. Peeters) of an invited session “model reduction/approximation” at the 16th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, Brussels, July 2012.

D. Ponomarev presented a poster [27] at the 2nd PhD Event in Fusion Science and Engineering, Pont-a-Mousson (Oct.).

E. Pozzi gave several communications at seminars at Univ. of Besançon, Grenoble (Jan.), Bordeaux, Orléans (Mar.), Marseille, Lille (Apr.)

F. Seyfert was invited to give a talk at the European Microwave Week 2012, Workshop on Advances of N-port networks for Space Application, Amsterdam, Netherlands.