Section: Dissemination

Conferences, invited conferences

Conferences cited in the bibliography are not repeated here.

O. Bernard was invited to give a conference on microalgae at the Coriolis Conference (Ecole Polytechnique), Paris (February 6), and at Ecole Centrale de Paris (“Défi biotechnologie”) “Use of microorganisms for biofuel production” (October 25).

O. Bernard was invited to make a presentation at JojoFest to celebrate Georges Bastin's emeritus. (University of Louvain, Belgium, October 9). J.-L. Gouzé and F. Grognard also attended the JojoFest workshop

Pierre Bernhard gave a seminar in Inria Lille-Nord Europe and ENSAM Lille (October 18)

M. Chaves was invited to make a presentation on mathematical methods in bioinformatics at the 2012 ECFS conference - New Frontiers in Basic Science of Cystic Fibrosis, Special group discussion: New Approaches for Exploring the CFTR Interactome, Sainte Maxime, France (March 31).