Section: Application Domains

Basic experimental electrophysiology

Our modeling is carried out in coordination with the experimental teams from the Liryc. It will help to write new concepts concerning the multiscale organisation of the cardiac action potentials and will serve our understanding in many electrical pathologies:

  • At the atrial level, we apply our models to understand the mechanisms of complex arrythmias and the relation with the heterogeneities at the insertion of the pulmonary vein.

  • At the ventricula level, we focus on (1) modeling the complex coupling between the Purkinje network and the ventricles and (2) modeling the structural heterogeneities at the cellular scale, taking into account the complex organisation and disorganisation of the myocytes and fibroblasts. Point (1) is supposed to play a major role in sudden cardiac death and point (2) is important in the study of infarct scars for instance.