Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

The team Carmen plans to develop some models and numerical methods in order to simulate the propagation of the cardiac action potential, from the cellular scale to the scale of the body. It aims at improving:

  • our knowledge and the treatment of electrical cardiac pathologies;

  • the exploitation of all available electrical signals.

Therefore, we want to incorporate the heterogeneities and coupling processes from the intermediate scales into the macroscopic PDE models. They play a primary role in the cardiac electrical arrhythmias. Meanwhile, we want to use the models to solve the inverse problems related to non-invasive electrical imaging of the heart.

The mathematical fields involved in our research are: PDE modeling and in particular reaction-diffusion equations, inverse problems, numerical analysis and scientific computing.

A main goal of the team is to contribute to the work-packages defined in the IHU Liryc, which focuses on electrical arrhythmias and how heart failure relates to electrical asynchrony.

A cooperation with physiology, physiopathology and medicine is being developed. the team will build new models and powerful simulation tools that will help to understand the mechanisms behind cardiac arrhythmias and to establish personalized and optimized treatments. A particular challenge consists in making the simulations reliable and accessible to the medical community.