Section: Application Domains

Interface problems

We are faced difficulties related to the coupling of models, methods and codes at interfaces. We distinguish several questions, which are nevertheless intimately connected on the technical viewpoint.

  • As far as we consider flows in porous media, interface conditions and domain decomposition methods have been thoroughly investigated. However, the question of their numerical treatment left many questions open, which naturally depend on the underlying discretization techniques. A typical question, which is strongly motivated by collaborations with our industrial partners, relies on the simulations of mass and heat exchanges between a porous medium and an adjacent free-flow region. It is also remarkable that, despite the existing literature on the subject, techniques have still a reduced spreading out of the academics: in many industrial simulations, two different (commercial) codes are used and the interface coupling is managed more or less “manually” at each time step! Therefore, the challenge consists in dealing with compositional non-isothermal two-phase systems, including vaporization effects, and, again, the application fields make the use of FV schemes in the porous media more appropriate.

  • The situation is a bit different for hyperbolic problems because the design of the interface condition itself is less clear. We are concerned with the coupling of hyperbolic systems involving different propagation properties, and possibly different set of unknowns. It raises modeling issues in order to design the coupling condition, problems of mathematical analysis, as well as complicated questions in order to match numerical methods. The framework of kinetic schemes might be a possible way to define consistent numerical fluxes. The problem is again strongly motivated by industrial needs, with the additional constraint of not to modify too much existing computational tools. We are involved in a collaboration with physicists specifically dedicated to such problems of wave propagations through complex interfaces.