Creation of the Project-Team: February 01, 2002

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Jean-Pierre Merlet [Team Leader,DR1, HdR]

David Daney [CR1]

Bertrand Neveu [Certis Staff members, “Ingénieur en chef des Ponts et Chaussées”, HdR]

Yves Papegay [CR1, HdR]

Odile Pourtallier [CR1]

Faculty Members

Claire Dune [Assistant Professor, Toulon University, HdR]

Gilles Trombettoni [Assistant Professor UNSA, HdR]

PhD Students

Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto [funded by ANR, since September 2010]

Karim Bakal [joint student with Handibio, funded by Inria through PAL, since December 2012]

Laurent Blanchet [funded by Cablebot, since March 2012]

Sami Bennour [joint supervision with Monastir Engineer School,until February 2012]

Thibault Gayral [Thales collaboration, since September 2010]

Mandar Harshe [funded by Inria]

Haibo Qu [joint supervision with Beijing Jiaotong University, until September 2012]

Rémy Ramadour [joint student with LAGADIC, funded by Inria, through PAL, since November 2011]

Administrative Assistant

Nathalie Woodward [part-time in the project]