Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


ID4CS project

Participant : Yves Papegay.

The ID4CS project, supported by French National Research Agency (ANR) through COSINUS program has the ambition to propose a modeling and simulation environment for designing complex systems such as aircrafts, based on a self-adaptive, distributed and open multi-agent architecture distributing the optimization process inside the agents.

As a partner of the project we are mainly involved in the definition of the use case on preliminary aircraft design, in collaboration with Airbus ( 6.3.1 ), in development of uncertainty analysis algorithms, and in automatic generation of agents based on models.

COGIRO project

Participants : Julien Alexandre Dit Sandretto, David Daney [correspondant] , Jean-Pierre Merlet.

We are collaborating with LIRMM, LASMEA and TECNALIA for the development of large scale wire-driven parallel robots (http://www2.lirmm.fr/cogiro/ ). We are especially involved in the calibration of a prototype developed by LIRMM and TECNALIA, see section .