Section: Application Domains

Electromagnetic modeling

We collaborate with the L2EP specialized in electromagnetic modeling, on algorithms definition and the parallelization of their computations, especially on GPUs.

For the first point, we have designed a parallel version of the Finite Integration Technique (F.I.T). This is used to simulate electromagnetic phenomena. This technique is efficient if the mesh is generated by a regular hexahedron. Moreover the matrix system, obtained from a regular mesh can be exploited to use the parallel direct solver. In fact, in reordering the unknowns by the nested dissection method, it is possible to construct directly the lower triangular matrix with many processors without assembling the matrix system. During this year, we have used our parallel direct solver as a preconditionner for a sparse linear system coming from a FEM problem with a good efficiency[25] .

For the second point, we have include our Gaspard2 generated code in Code_CARMEL, a software for electromagnetic fields simulations. This GPGPU code is now robust enough to run most of the testbenches implemented inside this framework[23] .