Creation of the Team: January 01, 2012 , Updated into Project-Team: January 01, 2013

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Dominique Lavenier [Team leader, Senior Researcher, Cnrs, HdR]

Claire Lemaitre [Junior researcher, Inria]

Pierre Peterlongo [Junior researcher, Inria]

Faculty Members

Rumen Andonov [Professor, Univ. Rennes 1, HdR]

Antonio Mucherino [Associate Professor, Univ. Rennes 1]


Charles Deltel [Research engineer, Inria, 50% time dedicated to the genscale project]

Fabrice Legeai [Engineer, INRA, 20% time dedicated to the genscale project]

François Moreews [Engineer, INRA, 60% time dedicated to the genscale project]

Suzete Alves-Carvalho [non permanent engineer, INRA project Peapol, since December 2012]

Alexan Andrieux [non permanent engineer, ADT Mapsembler, since September 2012]

Erwan Drezen [non permanent engineer, KoriPlast]

Anaïs Gouin [non permanent engineer, INRA Speciaphid, since October 2012]

PhD Students

Guillaume Chapuis [Région Bretagne/ENS]

Rayan Chikhi [MENRT/ENS, until October 2012]

Mathilde Le Boudic-Jamin [MENRT]

Nicolas Maillet [ANR Mappi]

Erwann Scaon [MENRT, since October 2012]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Raluca Uricaru [INRA project Peapol, until August 2012]

Thomas Derrien [INRA project Myzus, until July 2012]

Liviu Ciortuz [Brittany Region, project Mirage, since September 2012]

Administrative Assistant

Marie-Noëlle Georgeault