Section: Software

HPC and Parallelism

Participants : Guillaume Chapuis, Dominique Lavenier, François Moreews.

  • QTLmap QTLMap is a tool dedicated to the detection of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) from experimental designs in outbred population. QTLMap was recently ported to GPU and offers reduced run times. [contact: D. Lavenier] http://www.inra.fr/qtlmap/

  • SLICEE (Service Layer for Intensive Computation Execution Environment) is part of the BioWIC project. This software proposes (1) to abstract the calls to the cluster scheduler by handling command submission; (2) to take care of exploiting the data parallelism with data specific methods; (3) to manage data using a cache references mecanism and route data between tasks. [contact: F. Moreews] http://vapor.gforge.inria.fr/