Section: Software

Old software


Camloo is a caml-light to bigloo compiler, which was developed a few years ago to target bigloo 1.6c. New major releases 0.4.x of camloo have been done to support bigloo 3.4 and bigloo 3.5. Camloo make it possible for the user to develop seamlessly a multi-language project, where some files are written in caml-light, in C, and in bigloo. Unlike the previous versions of camloo, 0.4.x versions do not need a modified bigloo compiler to obtain good performance. Currently, the only supported backend for camloo is bigloo/C. We are currently rewriting the runtime of camloo in bigloo to get more portability and to be able to use HOP and camloo together.


Skribe is a functional programming language designed for authoring documents, such as Web pages or technical reports. It is built on top of the Scheme programming language. Its concrete syntax is simple and looks familiar to anyone used to markup languages. Authoring a document with Skribe is as simple as with HTML or LaTeX. It is even possible to use it without noticing that it is a programming language because of the conciseness of its original syntax: the ratio tag/text is smaller than with the other markup systems we have tested.

Executing a Skribe program with a Skribe evaluator produces a target document. It can be HTML files for Web browsers, a LaTeX file for high-quality printed documents, or a set of info pages for on-line documentation.


Scm2JS is a Scheme to JavaScript compiler distributed under the GPL license. Even though much effort has been spent on being as close as possible to R5rs , we concentrated mainly on efficiency and interoperability. Usually Scm2JS produces JavaScript code that is comparable (in speed) to hand-written code. In order to achieve this performance, Scm2JS is not completely R5rs compliant. In particular it lacks exact numbers.

Interoperability with existing JavaScript code is ensured by a JavaScript-like dot-notation to access JavaScript objects and by a flexible symbol-resolution implementation.

Scm2JS is used on a daily basis within Hop , where it generates the code which is sent to the clients (web-browsers). Scm2JS can be found at http://www-sop.inria.fr/indes/scheme2js .