Section: Software

Open Synapse client

Participant : Bojan Marinkovic [contact] .

Opensynapse is an open source implementation of [17] . It is available for free under the GNU GPL. This implementation is based on Open Chord (v. 1.0.5) - an open source implementation of the Chord distributed hash table implementation by Distributed and Mobile Systems Group Lehrstuhl fuer Praktische Informatik Universitaet Bamberg, see http://www-sop.inria.fr/teams/lognet/synapse-net2012/ .

Opensynapse is implemented on top of an arbitrary number of overlay networks. Inter-networking can be built on top of Synapse in a very efficient way. Synapse is based on co-located nodes playing a role that is reminiscent of neural synapses. The current implementation of Opensynapse in this precise case interconnects many Chord overlay networks. The new client currently can interconnect an arbitrary number of Chord networks. This implementation follows the notation presented in [16] , and so, each new Chord network is called a Floor.