Section: Software


The Grimage platform

The Grimage platform is an experimental multi-camera platform dedicated to spatio-temporal modeling including immersive and interactive applications. It hosts a multiple-camera system connected to a PC cluster, as well as visualization facilities including head mounted displays. This platform is shared by several research groups, most proeminently Moais, Morpheo and Perception. In particular, Grimage allows challenging real-time immersive applications based on computer vision and interactions between real and virtual objects, Figure 1 . Note that the Grimage platform will be replaced by the Kinovis platform that will exhibit a larger acquisition space and better acquisition facilities.

Virtualization Gate

Vgate is an immersive environment that allows full-body immersion and interaction with virtual worlds. It is a joint initiative of computer scientists from computer vision, parallel computing and computer graphics from several research groups at Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, and in collaboration with the company 4D View Solutions. The Morpheo team is leading this project.

Figure 1. Platforms: on the left the Grimage acquisition; on the right the vgate immersive environment.

Multicamera platform for video analysis of mice behavior

This project is a follow-up of the experimental set-up developed for a CNES project with Mathieu Beraneck from the CESeM laboratory (centre for the study of sensorimotor control, CNRS UMR 8194) at the Paris-Descartes University. The goal of this project was to analyze the 3D body postures of mice with various vestibular deficiencies in low gravity condition (3D posturography) during a parabolic flight campaign. The set-up has been now adapted for new experiments on motor-control disorders for other mice models. This experimental platform is currently under development for a broader deployment for high throughput phenotyping with the technology transfer project ETHOMICE. This project involves a close relationship with the CESeM laboratory and the European Mouse Clinical Institute in Strasbourg (Institut Clinique de la Souris, ICS).

Figure 2. Ethomice: Experimental platform for video analysis of mice behavior.