Section: New Results

Temporal Analysis and Verification of Interactive Music Scores

Participants : Léa Fanchon [Master 2 École Centrale] , Florent Jacquemard.

Léa Fanchon's Masters thesis, under the supervision of Florent Jacquemard, [26] presents an analysis module that complements the real-time score authoring and performance in Antescofo, with the aim of exploring possible behavior of authored programs with respect to possible deviations in human musician performance. This work employs formal methods for temporal automata networks using linear constraint inference techniques commonly in use for task scheduling and circuit verifications.

Obtained results pave the way for future works in formal verification of interactive multimedia applications, being one of the first of its kind in computer music literature, and provides the following input to programmers and artists using Antescofo:

  • Evaluation of robustness of the program with respect to the environment's (musician's performance) temporal variations,

  • Feedback to programmers/artists on critical synchronization points for better programming.

An article describing this work is currently in preparation for a submission to a computer music conference.