Section: New Results

Formal study of Antescofo as a Reactive System

Participants : Guillaume Baudart [Master 2 ATIAM] , Florent Jacquemard, Marc Pouzet [ENS] , Jean-Louis Giavitto, Arshia Cont.

An Antescofo score/program can be considered as a specification of a reactive system through its coupling of a machine listening with a real-time synchronous language. In his master thesis under the supervision of Florent Jacquemard and Marc Pouzet (team Parkas), Guillaume Baudart has has studied the links between the reactive system of Antescofo and existing synchronous languages such as Lucid Synchrone [36] and Reactive ML [34] . The reactive engine of a preliminary version of Antescofo was developed in both languages and their structures were compared.

This study reveals the particularities of musical applications of reactive systems specific to Antescofo (see [24] ). Reactive ML allows dynamic constructions but real-time performance can not be guaranteed especially when the machine listening is combined with the reactive system. On the contrary, Lucid Synchrone does not easily allow dynamic process creation. Each language specificity leads to strong considerations in the program/score structure for the artists. This work will be continued in 2013 to further strengthen ties between the reactive aspects of Antescofo and that of synchronous languages.