Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

Community Initiatives

The Brillouin Seminar series on Information Geometry is coordinated by MUTANT in partnership with LIX and THALES. It gathers 80 international researchers on the topic from various disciplines. In 2012, we organized 6 talks. Videos are available on the seminar website.

Jean-Louis Giavitto is the management team of the GDR GPL (Génie de la programmation et du logiciel), responsible with Etienne Moreau of the “Languages and Vérification” pole of the GDR. He is also and expert for the ANR DEFI projects and a reviewer for FET projets for the UC.

Editorial Boards

Jean-Louis Giavitto is the redactor-in-chief of TSI (Technique et Science Informatique), a french scientific journal published by Lavoisier and Hermes Science.

Participation in Program Committees of Conferences

Florent Jacquemard has been member of the program committees of the 6th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (IJCAR 2012), June 26th to July 1st, 2012, Manchester, UK, and of the International Workshop on Trends in Tree Automata and Tree Transducers (TTATT 2012), a satellite workshop of the 23rd International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (RTA 2012), June 2, 2012, Nagoya, Japan.

Jean-Louis Giavitto was co-chair of the Spatial Computing Workshop (SCW2012) a satellite workshop of AAMAS, 5 June 2012, Valencia, Spain. He was also member of the Program Committees of: AFADL 2012 (Approches Formelles dans l'Assistance au Développement de Logiciels, 11-13 January 2012, Grenoble), IPCAT 2012 9th International Conference on Information Processing in Cells and Tissues 31st March – 2nd April 2012, Trinity College, Cambridge, GDS track at GECCO 2012 , the Generative and Developmental track at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 7–11 July 2012, Philadelphia, FHIES 2012 Foundations of Health Information Engineering and Systems, an international symposium co-located with FM 2012, August 27-28, Paris, MeCBIC 2012 , 6th Workshop on Membrane Computing and Biologically Inspired Process Calculi 8th September 2012, Newcastle.

Participation in Conferences

  • José Echeveste, Jean-Louis Giavitto and Florent Jacquemard attended the 2012 International Computer Music Conference (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 9-14 September) and gave a talk on fault tolerance and language extensions of Antescofo [15] .

  • Jean-Louis Giavitto attended the:

    • Journées du GDR GPL (comité de direction)

    • SCW 2012, Valencia Spain, 5 June 2012 (chair)

    • UCNC 2012, Orleans and gave a tutorial on MGS

Invited Talks

Arshia Cont gave an invited talk at the Computer-Human Interactive Performance Symposium in University City London (UCL) in June 2012.

Arshia Cont and Jean-Louis Giavitto gave an invited talk in the Produce Time Symposium in June 2012 at IRCAM.

Jean-Louis Giavitto:

  • tutorial on MGS at the 11th International Conference Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation UCNC 2012 , 3‒7 September, Orléans.

  • Non-Standard Multiset, for the mini symposium Let's Imagine the Futur for the retirement of Jean-Pierre Banâtre, 7–8 Novembre, Rennes.

  • Programmation spatiale : application à l'analyse des contes de fées et à l'analyse musicale, IPAC seminar , 8th March, Nancy.

  • Le projet AutoChem, presentation closing the ANR Blanc project, at the NAR Symposium, January 2012.