Section: Dissemination


Cultural Events, Highlights

The Antescofo software developed and maintained by the team, has been featured in various prestigious international events with the following highlights:

  • 13 World-premiers for live electronics and instruments by international composers such as Kaija Saariaho, Philippe Manoury, Steve Coleman and Marco Stroppa including one opera. See complete list .

  • More than 30 world-class public performances around the world including: Antescofo premier with New York Philharmonics (June 2012), Lucerne Festivale (August 2012), Salle Pleyel (September 2012), Warsaw Autumn Festival (September 2012), Royal Albert Hall in London (August 2012), Vienna Festwochen (June 2012), Opéra Comique de Paris (June 2012), and more.

    See partial list .

  • Two Giga-Hertz Prizes for two pieces strongly featuring Antescofo (life-time award for Emmanuel Nunes' Einspielung, young category for Lara Morciano).

  • A documentary movie on Antescofo produced by Inria. (watch)

International Public Press

BBC Radio program featuring Antescofo on the occasion of a live performance in Royal Albert Hall.

National Public Press

Major public press mentions for Antescofo in 2012:


  • The MuTant team's Antescofo software was the demo feature for Inria's stand at the 13th exhibition for Mathematical Cultures and Games (Salon cultures et jeux mathématiques) in June 2012.

  • MuTant members hold a stand during the “Fêtes de la science” on Antescofo at Inria Rocquencourt in October 2012.

  • Jean-Louis Giavitto has participated to a public debate of the Bar des Sciences with G. Longo and G. Dowek on “Turing aurait 100 ans – De Turing au Qbit”, 7th November.

  • Jean-Louis Giavitto has participated to a public debate following the projection of Codebreaker: Alan Turing with C. Villani, B. Chazelle and J. Lassègue at the movie theater Grand Action, 17th December.