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ECRYPT II - European Network of Excellence for Cryptology II is a 4 1/2 year network of excellence funded within the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Programme of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under contract number ICT-2007-216676. It falls under the action line Secure, dependable and trusted infrastructures. ECRYPT II started on 1 August 2008. Its objective is to continue intensifying the collaboration of European researchers in information security. The ECRYPT II research roadmap is motivated by the changing environment and threat models in which cryptology is deployed, by the gradual erosion of the computational difficulty of the mathematical problems on which cryptology is based, and by the requirements of new applications and cryptographic implementations. Its main objective is to ensure a durable integration of European research in both academia and industry and to maintain and strengthen the European excellence in these areas. In order to reach this goal, 11 leading players have integrated their research capabilities within three virtual labs focusing on symmetric key algorithms (SymLab), public key algorithms and protocols (MAYA), and hardware and software implementations associate (VAMPIRE). They are joined by more than 20 adjoint members to the network who will closely collaborate with the core partners. The team joins the European Network of Excellence for Cryptology ECRYPT II this academic year as associate member (J.C. Faugère [contact], L. Perret, and G. Renault).