Section: New Results

Spatial augmented reality for physical drawing

Participants : Jérémy Laviole, Martin Hachet.

Spatial augmented reality (SAR) promises the integration of digital information in the real (physical) world through projection. We proposed different tools to improve speed or ease the drawing by projecting photos, virtual construction lines and interactive 3D scenes (published in the 3DUI symposium [16] ). We explored the creation of tools which help to create drawings that are “difficult” to achieve for a human being, such as stereographic drawings (published in the 3DCHI CHI workshop [18] ). Through these tools, we want to apply existing computer graphics techniques to enhance existing drawing tools, and to use it to teach how to draw. Furthermore, we proposed some insights for the creation of digital games and programs which can take full advantages of physical drawings (published in the UIST doctoral symposium [17] ).

Figure 3. Left: Spatial augmented reality system for physical drawing. Right: Projection of a source image on overlay of an actual drawing, to teach drawing thanks to computer graphic tools [16] .