Section: Dissemination

Interaction with the scientific community

Collective responsibilities within Inria

  • S. Boldo, elected member of the Inria Evaluation Committee. She was in the committee in charge of selecting the Inria permanent researchers (CR2 and CR1).

  • S. Boldo was in the committee in charge of selecting an Inria support staff (TR, technicien de recherche) for the Saclay finance and accounting service (SAF).

  • S. Boldo, member of the CLHS, comité local hygiène et sécurité and member of the CLFP, comité local de formation permanente.

  • S. Boldo, member of the committee for the monitoring of PhD students (commission de suivi des doctorants).

  • S. Boldo, scientific head for Saclay for the MECSI group for networking about computer science popularization inside Inria.

  • S. Boldo, member of the popularization committee, comité de médiation scientifique, of Inria.

  • C. Paulin was a member of the “Commission Scientifique” (in charge of selecting PhD students, post-doc, invited researchers funded by Inria Saclay - Île-de-France) until Aug.

Collective responsibilities outside Inria

  • A. Charguéraud is vice-president of “France-IOI”, the organization in charge of the selection and the training of the French team to the International Olympiads in Informatics.

  • É. Contejean and C. Marché, nominated members of the “conseil du laboratoire” of LRI since April 2010.

  • É. Contejean, elected member of the “Section 6 du Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique” since September 2012.

  • S. Conchon, elected member of the “Conseil scientifique de l'Université Paris-Sud” since June 2012.

  • C. Lelay, elected member of the “conseil du laboratoire” of LRI since November 2011.

  • C. Lelay, elected representative of the students at the Doctoral School in Computer Science at University Paris-Sud since November 2011.

  • C. Marché (since April 2007) and C. Paulin (since Sep. 2010), members of the program committee of Digiteo Labs, the world-class research park in Île-de-France region dedicated to information and communication science and technology, http://www.digiteo.fr/ .

  • C. Marché and S. Boldo, members of the “jury de l'agrégation externe de mathématiques” as experts in computer science, since 2012.

  • G. Melquiond and C. Paulin, members of the “commission consultative de spécialistes de l'université”, Section 27, University Paris-Sud since April 2010.

  • G. Melquiond, elected officer of the IEEE-1788 standardization committee on interval arithmetic since 2008.

  • G. Melquiond is an examiner for the computer science entrance exam to École Normale Supérieure since 2010.

  • C. Paulin, head of the new Digicosme laboratory of excellence (http://labex-digicosme.fr/ )

  • C. Paulin, director of the Doctoral school in Computer Science at University Paris-Sud http://edips.lri.fr/ , until August 2012. Now in charge of the assembly of directors of graduate schools at the Université Paris-Sud.

  • C. Paulin, member of the board of the “Commission Académique Consultative” of the Initiative d'Excellence Paris-Saclay.

  • C. Paulin, president of the Computer Science Department of the University Paris-Sud https://www.dep-informatique.u-psud.fr/ , since February 2012.

  • C. Paulin participated to the hiring committee for a senior lecturer position at in Logic of Programs at University of Göteborg in Sweden.

  • C. Paulin participated to two hiring commitees in France (professor positions at Paris-Sud University and CNAM)

  • J.-C. Filliâtre is correcteur au concours d'entrée à l'École Polytechnique (computer science examiner for the entrance exam at École Polytechnique) since 2008.

  • A. Paskevich is in charge (together with C. Bastoul) of Licence professionnelle PER (L3) at IUT d'Orsay, Paris-Sud University since September 2012.