Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Fanny Chevalier, Pierre Dragicevic [correspondant] , Anastasia Bezerianos, Jean-Daniel Fekete.

Animation, Edit histories, Wikipedia, Revision Control

Figure 6. Screenshot the Diffamation system during a transition: (a) the document view, (b) the overview scrollbar and (c) the timeline.

The Diffamation system [3] allows rapid exploration of revision histories such as Wikipedia or subversion repositories by combining text animated transitions with simple navigation and visualization tools. Diffamation can be used for example to get a quick overview of the entire history of a Wikipedia article or to see what has happened to one's contributions. Diffamation complements classical diff visualizations: once moments of interest have been identified, classical diff visualizations can come in useful to compare two given revisions in detail.

The Diffamation revision exploration system has been presented at the plenary session of the Ubuntu Developer Summit. It is available at http://www.aviz.fr/diffamation/ .