Section: Software and Platforms

FocusLab Platform

Participant : Brigitte Trousse [co-correspondent] .

Between 2010-2012 in the context of CPER Télius (cf. Section  8.1.1 ), we bought various hardware (eye-trackers, physiologic sensors, equilibrium platform, tablets, Arduino components, etc.) and software (Sphinx for questionnaires, Story Board for usage scenarios, Interface prototyping tools such as JustInMind, etc.) in order to observe and analyse user behaviours in supporting the design and evaluation of ICT-based services or products within a living lab approach and also to mine data. FocusLab hardware and software (under licences) were used since 2011 by Inria teams and external collaborators with success, supporting experiments or training.

Our goal was also to provide a web-based application for reserving FocusLab material (hardware, software and documentation) and to prepare the access/download of some software issued from Inria research. We started with AxIS software as a first step of the mutualised software part of the platform.

The development process of the web-based FocusLab platform started slowly in 2011, after finding some ways to fund human resources. We started by transforming some AxIS KDD methods into web services. Such a work was pursued this year (cf. Section  6.6 ) linked to Elliot purposes. This platform (http://focuslab.inria.fr ) is based on a Service oriented Architecture.