Creation of the Project-Team: 2011 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Hélène Touzet [Team leader, CNRS, Senior Researcher, HdR]

Samuel Blanquart [Inria, Researcher]

Mathieu Giraud [CNRS, Researcher]

Aïda Ouangraoua [Inria, Researcher, on parental leave from January to February 2013]

Faculty Members

Stéphane Janot [Univ. Lille I, Associate Professor]

Laurent Noé [Univ. Lille I, Associate Professor]

Maude Pupin [Univ. Lille I, Associate Professor]

Mikaël Salson [Univ. Lille I, Associate Professor]

Jean-Stéphane Varré [Univ. Lille I, Professor, HdR]


Thierry Barthel [Inria, from Oct 2012]

Jean-Frédéric Berthelot [CNRS, from Oct 2012]

Marc Duez [Univ. Lille I, from Mar 2013 until Dec 2013]

Areski Flissi [CNRS, from Jul 2013]

Alan Lahure [CNRS, from Jul 2013]

PhD Students

Yoann Dufresne [Univ. Lille I, from Oct 2013]

Evguenia Kopylova [Univ. Lille I, until Dec 2013]

Pierre Pericard [Univ. Lille I, from Nov 2013]

Antoine Thomas [Univ. Lille I, from Sep 2010]

Christophe Vroland [Univ. Lille I, from Oct 2012]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Ammar Hasan [Inria, until Mar 2013]

Administrative Assistant

Amélie Supervielle [Inria]