Section: Software and Platforms

Norine – A resource for nonribosomal peptides

Actively maintained.

Software self-assessment: A-5, SO-3, SM-3-up4, EM-2-up3, SDL-4, DA-4, CD-4, MS-4, TPM-4

Software web site : http://bioinfo.lifl.fr/norine/ Norine is a public computational resource that contains a database of NRPs with a web interface and dedicated tools, such as a 2D graph viewer and editor for peptides or comparison of NRPs. Norine was created and is maintained by members of Bonsai team, in tight collaboration with members of the ProBioGEM lab, a microbial laboratory of Lille1 University. Since its creation in 2006, Norine has gained an international recognition as the unique database dedicated to non-ribosomal peptides because of its high quality and manually curated annotations, and has been selected by wwPDB as a reference database. It is queried from all around the world by biologists or biochemists. It receives more than 3000 queries per month. Norine main users come for 13% from the United States of America, for 12% from the United Kingdom, for 5% from China or for 4% from Germany where renowned biology laboratories work on nonribosomal peptides (NRPs) or on their synthetases.